Engineering design

We can provide a complete set of engineering design services, including overall design, basic design, and detailed design, in the fields of fluorosilicone chemical, chlor alkali chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical preparations, coal chemical, fine chemical, and environmental protection. We have successively served well-known international and domestic companies such as China National Chemical Corporation, China Petroleum Corporation, Shanneng Chemical, Dongyue Group, Meilan Group, Dongguang, Wanhua Chemical, Jinchuan Group, Fujian Sansteel Group, etc Huojia Industry, Liwen Chemical, Zhejiang Yonghe, Haike Group, Yuanli Chemical, Fuhua Group, Lulu Pharmaceutical, Ruiyang Pharmaceutical, Tianyi Pharmaceutical, Guizhou Bailing, Modified Pharmaceutical, Ruiying Pharmaceutical, Huaying Pharmaceutical, Huada Gene, Huaxi Biological and other engineering design services have been provided. They have participated in the drafting of national, provincial, and local regulations and standards in safety production, energy conservation, and emission reduction, and have provided advisory services to the government. We have rich, mature, and reliable experience in the intrinsic safety operation of "two key and one major" production facilities for hazardous chemicals; Realize the full process automation control of the central control room, and the entire process mechanization, automation, and intelligent unmanned operation of the device on-site. The chief editor of national and local departmental regulatory group standards includes 13 series of national group standards, including the "Shandong Province Work Plan for Mechanized Personnel Replacement and Automated Personnel Reduction" for hazardous chemical safety production, Lu Emergency Zi [2021] No. 135, and the "Guidelines for Mechanized and Automated Design Schemes for Chemical Unit Operations," Zhong Hua An Fa [2023] No. 11.