Technology package development

Huizhi Technology always adheres to technological innovation as the "core" and "core", focuses on advantageous industrial chains, strengthens independent innovation capabilities, and strengthens the integrated configuration of "industry, academia, research and development", especially in new energy and new materials:

1. (152a, 142b, VDF, PVDF) industry chain;

2. (CEC, VC, FEC) industry chain;

3. (Lithium pyroxene, lithium carbonate, lithium fluoride, lithium hexafluorophosphate) industry chain;

4. Ionic membrane caustic soda and chlorine consuming products (methane chloride, chloroacetic acid, glycerol based epichlorohydrin, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus pentachloride, etc.);

5. Fluorine chemical and fluorine fine (electronic grade hydrogen fluoride, new refrigerants, TFE, PTFE, fluorine rubber, fluorine resin, trifluoroacetic acid, etc.);

6. Medicine and pharmaceutical preparations, fine chemicals;

We have mature and reliable proprietary technology in the above business areas!